Mesoestetic Facial Gel Cleanser

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Facial cleansing gel for normal and combination skin types. Removes makeup and cleanses the skin effectively, leaving behind a soft, matte finish. High skin tolerance thanks to its dermo-compatible pH.

Lactic Acid – helps to keep skin hydrated, improves signs of ageing and stimulates collagen renewal.
Glycerin – A humectant attracting moisture to the upper layer of the skin.

USE: Facial cleansing gel, in the home performance line, essential in the daily hygiene phase for normal and combination skin types. Effectively prepares the skin before application of a treatment and improves penetration of the active ingredients applied afterwards.

DIRECTIONS: Morning and night - Form an emulsion with water to create a foam and apply with the fingertips to the bust area, neck and face using circular movements. Remove the product with a damp sponge or cotton disk and proceed to apply the hydratonic facial toner in the home performance line.

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