Frequently Asked Questions


24 hour notice is required to cancel/reschedule appointments. Any appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged half the value of the service, or the full deposit.

Any appointments missed completely with no notice will be charged the full value.

We may require full payment up front when booking future appointments & you may be restricted from booking further appointments through our online booking service.

Cash, debit and all major credit cards can be used at the store. Online payments are also acceptable through our website.

As an Enhance Arts client you know that our spa is always clean, sanitized and sterilized from top to bottom. We don't need a pandemic to start taking precautions. We are ALWAYS safe. Here are the steps we take to ensure the safety of our clients, staffs, and community.


  • Cleaning, disinfecting or sterilization of all items, including tools, equipment, bowls, tables, chairs, workstations, etc., and other products after every use. This includes the bed & chairs we use for our services.
  • Ensure high-touch areas and all equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before opening & every few hours during operation.
  • Remove magazines and soft/porous items such as cushions and rugs that are difficult to sanitize.
  • When scheduling appointments, we allow additional time between clients for proper cleaning and disinfectant of workstations and equipment.
  • Ensure frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces and common areas such as door handles, counters, cabinet doors, light switches, faucets, toilet handles, handrails, touch screen surfaces and keypads.
  • Where possible, use disposable, single-use supplies.
  • We only use disinfectants that have a Drug Identification Number (DIN) or Natural Product Number (NPN) that is approved for use in Canada.
  • Laundry such as towels are one time used only. Clean and disinfect laundry baskets and launder reusable bags between uses.
  • Our staff will always be wearing PPE & we will be conducting health screening before each shift
  • We maintain attendance records of all staff and clients to support public health contact tracing efforts (i.e. name, date, time, email address or phone number) for 30 days.
  • All our staffs are trained in Barbicide Covid-19 certification for the professional beauty industry.


  • People with symptoms of COVID-19 should not be allowed into the premises.
  • We will screen clients prior to entering the spa & you will be required to fill out a Covid 19 waiver form prior to your scheduled appointments
  • We are offering a flexible reschedule appointments policy for clients, when they are sick.
  • Please wait in your car or outside for your appointment. We will let you know once we are ready to take you in.
  • Please do not bring any other visitors with you who are not here for an appointment
  • You must wear a mask before entering & sanitize your hands. If you forget your mask we do offer masks for sale.

BB glow

BB Glow, also known as Micro Therapy System (MTS), is a semi-permanent foundation treatment whereby a PMU machine with special cartridges is massaged over the face and neck area, which forces your skin into repair mode.  This will help the skin achieve a brightening and lightening effect; minimize fine lines and wrinkles; and boost the skin's ability to produce collagen.


**BB Glow/MTS is not Microneedling or Permanent Makeup**

It is FDA Approved Skin Reconstructive System, which stimulates skin to produce collagen and elastin in the inner layer.

At the heart of Micro Therapy System (MTS) is a patented MTS Cartridge a unique ‘Class I’ supplemental medical device that is ideal for non- surgical and non-ablative treatment of various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles, stretching), scarring (acne, surgical), and hyperpigmentation. Clinical studies have shown MTS (micro therapy system) to be more effective than ablative treatments like laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peel and just as effective as non-ablative treatments like IPL, CO2 laser, and Fraxel in stimulating collagen and elastin production to thicken the skin thereby erasing wrinkles and smoothing scars.

When skin starts repairing itself it turbocharges the body’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, which provides that firm plumpness. It helps improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks and creates a more youthful skin tone. The results from your first session can last up to 30 days, as long as a good skin care regimen is maintained. Products with retinol and other chemicals should be avoided as they cause the sheen glow look to fade. Using such products will not affect the collagen building affects, but only the sheen glow. Results are cumulative so regular sessions are recommended to increase longevity and enhance coverage. 

We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions with an interval of 4 weeks to maximize the results. After 3 sessions results may last up to 4 months. 
After this a booster every 3-4 months is suggested. 

The treatment takes 1.5 hours.

There’s no pain or downtime with the treatment, so you can resume your routine as soon as you finish. If you have light/fair skin you will most likely be a little red after your appointment. This usually goes away in a couple hours!

If you have sensitive skin, you may experience temporary irritation, tightness and redness for 1-2 days. Some people may experience mild peeling around the nose and mouth, particularly if they have dehydrated skin.

Two types of serums are used for BB Glow treatments:

  1. Meso Serums – These serums are transparent and do not have color.
  2. BB Serums – These serums have color and are used for camouflage.

There are several well-known brands that are used for BB Glow treatments. These serums vary in color, consistency and active ingredients.

The brand we work with is called Stayve, they are the most popular and well known brand. Stayve serums work well as they have very potent active ingredients and botanical extracts as well as medical-grade peptides and growth factors. Stayve serums are suitable for all skin types and work well for anti-aging and rejuvenation.

Eyelash Extensions

With regular fills (touch-ups), your eyelash extensions can last for years. On average, a person will shed 25% of their natural lashes every 2 weeks. How often you need a fill depends on how well you take care of your lashes, your natural cycle of hair growth, and how full you desire your lashes to be, so a fill is recommended every 2-4 weeks to keep lashes looking full.

There are several prices for full sets of lashes depending on the style and lash extension count. The current state of your natural lashes will be assessed during the consultation prior to the application of the extensions, and a style and price will be recommended to you based on the look you want and your budget. Please see 'Eyelash Extension' for a description and price range on each look and the pricing. Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Russian. 

If done properly, there will be no damage to your natural lash. If you pick and pull them out before they shed on their own, there will be damage. If a stylist places lashes that are too long or too thick for your natural lash, this can also cause damage, known as 'traction alopecia'. Please research any lash extension professional you are considering, to ensure they are properly trained, have experience, and are credible before you invest your money into your delicate eye area!

Depending on the look you desire, a full set of lashes take between 1 hour, up to 3 hours. On average, your initial appointment will be booked for 1.5-3 hours so you can complete the necessary paperwork and have a consultation with your stylist before the application of the lashes.

Definitely not! In fact, the experience is quite enjoyable and comfortable! You are placed on a soft, heated bed and covered with a blanket. Your eyes are closed throughout the entire process, while relaxing music plays in the background. Some people like to enjoy a 'beauty sleep' during their appointment!

Please avoid any waterproof mascara or liquid eyeliner, and oil-based products around your eye area, this includes make-up remover, cleanser, sunscreen, and eye creams. These will break down the adhesive and the extensions will fall off prematurely, costing you more money in maintenance. Avoid rubbing or excessive touching of the lashes, as well as sleeping on your face. Satin Pillow cases are available to purchase if you are a stomach or side sleeper, and they will help protect your lashes. For regular maintenance, you are provided with a comb to gently brush the lashes out. You will need a fill every 2-4 weeks to keep them full. We have products available to help keep your lashes nourished, protected from moisture and humidity, and shiny, as well as eye make up, and make up remover that is made by lash extension companies especially for use with extensions.

You won't need to, however if you love the look of mascara, it is recommended that you buy mascara made for eyelash extensions. You can purchase this at Enhance Arts, along with eyeliner and eyebrow pens. These are made with special formulas and work specifically with eyelash extensions.

During your consultation you will go over your daily routine. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to purchase some aftercare cleansing products to help increase the longevity and beauty of your lashes. However, you will be provided with a comb and an aftercare guide, which is all you need to get started.



We advise that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment if you’re a new client to fill out forms. As a courtesy to all our guests we operate a prompt appointment schedule. A late arrival may mean that your treatment time is reduced or that we are unable to honour your booking. Please check with the spa desk if in doubt and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Switch Off 

Please turn your mobile phone to silent mode and keep conversation to a minimum to enjoy the maximum benefit of your treatment. 


Reservations cancelled within 24 hours will be subject to a charge of 50% of the listed price. Treatment times may be changed subject to the approval of our spa host.

Waiting List
In the event that we are unable to accommodate your Spa Treatment request, we can place you on our waiting list. We will then contact you should any treatment times become available. 

Shipping / Returns

Any item can be exchanged for store credit if it is returned within 7 days of purchase. To be eligible for a store credit, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

Unfortunately we do not offer a store credit on opened or used products and do not offer exchanges online. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and are non-refundable. Likewise, we do not accept returns or refunds for any purchases bought in-store.

Please send your order back to:
Enhance Arts
1791 Manitoba St
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1M7

We will notify you once your return has been received and approved. The store credit will be processed and can be used on any service or product with no expiration date. We recommend using a tracked service to return the goods as all transport risk is borne by the sender.

If you have an issue with your product or delivery, please contact us to discuss your options at

If getting in touch about a return, please include your order number and product details in the email.

Please expect a delay in the processing and delivery of your order due to the impact of COVID-19 on both our couriers and our warehouses.

No matter where your from, or who you shop online with, you will experience a delay in receiving your order at the moment. This is because all warehouses and postal networks globally have had to implement strict safety policies which slows down the dispatch process. On top of that, postal services are experiencing unprecedented volumes through their networks which further adds to the delay. It’s unavoidable and there is nothing we can do to speed it up. Please bear with us as we navigate safely through this crazy time, and know that our customer service and warehouse teams.

You will be sent an email once your order is dispatched so you can see where your order is at all times.

Unfortunately once your order has been placed, we’re unable to cancel or make changes to your order.

Please see our returns policy.

All pre-orders are expected for dispatch within 2 working week. The expected delivery date will always be on the product page. Please contact us for any further questions

Yes, if you're located in Vancouver you may choose to pick up your order instead. Please choose from the following options when checking out. Please wait for our call or email to confirm a pick up time and date.

Please bring a confirmation of purchase when picking up your item. If the order is over $500 we will need an ID to release the purchase.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a COSMETIC treatment. Make sure your teeth are healthy before undergoing any teeth whitening treatments. If you suspect you have any underlying dental issues, visit your dentist to get examined.

As a rule of thumb this is best for individuals who visit their dentist regularly, and are aware that their teeth are healthy and have no underlying dental issues. We encourage you to get a cleaning, prior to your session as it helps with your results.

1. Must be 12 yrs of age or older.

2. Cannot be used by pregnant women. If breastfeeding, consult with your OB GYN.

3. Must NOT have the following (if you suspect you have the following, please consult with your dentist first and make sure your teeth are healthy):

  • Gum Disease

  • Open cavities

  • Leaking fillings

  • Allergy to peroxide or aloe vera (non-peroxide gel contains aloe vera)


4. Individuals that have had braces removed should wait for cement residue to wear off before getting teeth whitening.

5. Individuals with piercings or other metal objects in the oral cavity should have their piercing removed before whitening as they may turn black.

6. Session must be stopped if person experiences sharp pains during the whitening session, this is a sign of an open cavity, you must contact your dentist and consult with them immediately.

7. This method works best with teeth that have a yellowish tint, if you have spots due to tetracycline use, grayish tint or fluorosis these types of teeth will be difficult to whiten.

8. Artificial teeth, caps, crowns, veneers, porcelain, composite or other restorative materials does not whiten significantly, but the process does not harm them either.

Most home whitening products are gradual whiteners, which would require you to whiten for several days in row to yield max results. We are 7x faster than most home whitening kits/strips. 1 session at the Enhance Arts is equivalent to you whitening with strips for 7 days in a row.

There's no difference between the quality of the gel and active ingredient. Like the dentist we use a peroxide based gel. However the dentist CAN use a higher percentage of peroxide (it doesn't necessarily mean that they do, so you should ask).

Please note: with a higher peroxide percentage it COULD be more painful and most people don't need such a high peroxide percentage to yield significant results. Our whitening gel also contains a desensitizing agent, which alleviates sensitivity. You can expect to pay more at a dental office because they are Dentists! Their chair time is more valuable. This is essentially what your paying for (their time). With Enhance Arts, you get your teeth whitened in a relaxing spa like setting.

1. You can expect your teeth to be 2-8 shades lighter, some have even whiten up to 10 shades lighter. The longer the session, the more significant the results.

2. Some teeth will whiten better than others. It really just depends on how your enamel reacts with the gel and the severity of your stains.

3. The natural color of your teeth is genetically determined, we can only get your teeth as white as your natural genetics will allow. Photos of celebrities you see with "paper white" teeth have veneers or are enhanced by great lighting or photo editing.

4. If you have heavily stained teeth or your teeth are difficult to whiten you would need to follow up with a whitening pen for 5 days after the session to give your results a boost. Or you can come back to enhance arts for another session in a month. 

5. Results vary as everyone's teeth but as a general guideline: 60 min - 6 shades lighter *on average 40 min - 5 shades lighter *on average

1. The session is typically painless and relaxing (most people fall asleep). Session must be stopped if you experience sharp unmanageable pains during the whitening session, this is a sign of an open cavity, you must contact your dentist and consult with them immediately.

2. After the session most people experience zero to minimal teeth sensitivity. If you do experience sensitivity it will typically only last the first 24 hours. If you are prone to existing sensitivity, have a recently cracked teeth, micro cracks, open cavities, leaking fillings, exposed roots or other dental conditions that cause sensitivity then you are more likely to experience it. Prolonged sensitivity after treatment is also a possibility.

1. Typically, along with proper maintenance your results will last 6-12 months. How long it lasts depends on the amount of stain causing foods you consume and how porous your teeth are. Teeth that are naturally more porous absorb stains much easier, thus shade regression may occur much quicker. The porosity of your teeth is genetic.

2. Teeth whitening is not permanent. After the session it is completely normal to expect some shade regression over time, especially if you smoke and regularly consume stain-causing foods.

3. To help your results last longer, we highly advise purchasing our at home kit to maintain your results.

Most customers feel nothing during the session. If you experience sharp pains (zingers) during the whitening session, this is a sign of an open cavity, the session must be stopped and you would need to consult with your dentist.

Whitening is unlikely to cause serious side effects, although some people’s teeth may become more sensitive for a short while. You may get mild gum irritation as well. Women should not have their teeth whitened while pregnant. The effect of the whitening materials on the development of the fetus is not known. Since the procedure is cosmetic, it should be postponed until after delivery.