When it comes to decorating our space, we at Enhance Arts are a whole new breed and that's why we are making our signature statement pieces available to you. How bare would your walls look without a bright custom neon sign expressing the exact mood you're feeling 24/7.  Our love for brass accents goes way beyond just one candle holder. We are certainly guilty of these all.


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Sage, Lavender + Eucalyptus Dollar SmudgeSage, Lavender + Eucalyptus Dollar Smudge
Everlasting Candles SetEverlasting Candles Set
Everlasting Candles Set Sale price$75.00
Smudge Sticks - Large White Sage + Flower Smudge SticksSmudge Sticks - Large White Sage + Flower Smudge Sticks
Design Your Own Neon SignDesign Your Own Neon Sign
Design Your Own Neon Sign Sale price$550.00
Zephyr Smart DiffuserZephyr Smart Diffuser
Zephyr Smart Diffuser Sale price$319.00