At Enhance Arts Spa

We are dedicated to being a leader in the wellness industry by providing a modern approach to self-care. Our innovative beauty and massage boutique is the first of its kind, featuring a full-service café and bar.

Our goal is to create an oasis in the heart of the city, offering a space for relaxation and rejuvenation in a beautifully designed setting. 

Our luxury beauty services are available at affordable prices, so our guests can enjoy them on a more regular basis, rather than just as a special treat. We believe that self-care is a necessity, not a luxury, and we want to make it accessible to everyone. 

meet the founders

Linda and Tila, the founders of Enhance Arts, saw an opportunity to modernize and streamline the spa and beauty industry. Drawing from the entrepreneurial spirit they witnessed in their immigrant parents, Linda leads the creative side of our services and fosters our community, while Tila oversees business development and operations. Together, they are the driving force behind our mission to revolutionize the beauty & spa industry and provide a truly exceptional experience for our clients.

At our core, we understand the significance of feeling and looking your best - with six sisters, both our founders have lived and breathed it. But for us, self-care isn't just about a superficial makeover. We're passionate about elevating your mental and emotional well-being as well. Think of us as your personal hype-girls for your mind, body, and soul.

In 2021, our shared vision became a reality with the launch of Enhance Arts. Our focus on self-care, high-touch customer service, and exceptional experiences culminated in the creation of a self-care destination unlike any other.


what we do best

trust us
 Our approach involves taking tried and tested formulations and breathing new life into them. We strive to strike a balance between science-backed ingredients and cutting-edge innovation, creating exciting and fresh additions to the beauty and wellness landscape.

price matters
Based on the belief that self-care should be accessible and not just a luxury. Enhance Arts aim is to offer affordable, high-quality massage & beauty services in a modern environment, providing a reprieve from today's fast-paced digital world.   So come indulge in our services and stay for the experience we've designed just for you.

mental health
We understand that true relaxation begins with taking care of your mental health. That's why we're dedicated to supporting organizations that do the important work of promoting mental wellness. As part of this commitment, we donate 1% of our company's proceeds to initiatives that focus on mental health

Explore the self-care

Understanding that our lives are not getting any less stressful, we created Enhance Arts as a way for people to seamlessly integrate self-care into their daily ritual. 

Our curated collection of products allows you to continue your self-care routine at home, ensuring that your glow-up doesn't have to end when you leave our sanctuary. Shop with confidence, knowing that each item you purchase is a remedy for your well-being.