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Connecting spiritual, mental and emotional benefits from massage therapy  

Massage is not only a therapeutic agent for the body, but it is medicinal for the mind and spirit as well. When you give the body time to slow down you allow the mind and body to naturally balance. Massage and the art of touch are beautiful ways to bring attention to the sensations of the body and breath.

 These are the things happening here and now. It’s our minds that wander and the inconstancies of the mind are in perpetual motion. Learning how to slow down the fluctuations of the mind is a profound practice of presence. We hope that through the therapeutic use of touch the client will have time and space to practice being in the now.
best massage in downtown vancouver

we offer the best of both worlds...

thai cabana . reflexology. lounge. busy bee stations .

  • Organic herbal tea

  • Aromatherapy neck warmer

  • Choose from our exclusively made oils scent bar

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The Stretcher: Thai Massage

55 MIN $94 |  85 MIN $129 | 115 MIN $159

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The Footie:Reflexology

25 MIN $55 |  55 MIN $75 |  85 MIN $105 // Prepay Packages: 5 for $325, 10 for $600

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Don't Tell Me To Relax:
Oil Massage

55 MIN $94 | 85 MIN $129 | 115 MIN $159

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Busy Bee: Express Massage

25 MIN $53 | 40 MIN $63 | 55 MIN $73

masssage combinations

Curate and bespoke massage experiences with the choice of four sensory escapes 


15 min chair massage
40 min reflexology



60 min body
50 min reflexology 



60 min reflexology
40 min teeth whitening
performed in our reflexology lounge



A thai massage incorporated into your relaxation oil massage. Expect to be in our thai cabana with light stretches.

90min $154 
120min $184

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CBD ENHANCED TREATMENT                                  $35

We offer our therapeutic oils in two different sensory experiences. Come try the Relive or Relax exclusively available only at Enhance Arts, Vancouver's first CBD spa.


Performed in our Thai Cabana wearing loose clothing and involves stretching of the legs. Perfect for those wanting privacy, comfort and a deeper focus for the legs.

ORGANIC THAI BALL COMPRESS                            $22

What’s this? It’s a traditional Thai remedy where various herbs are chopped and wrapped up in a ball and steamed. It improves energy flows and metabolism, soothes your aches and pains. We make them in freshly in house!  

REFLEXOLOGY ENHANCEMENTS                             $14

Enhance your reflexology treatment, select one of the following: Sugar CBD scrub, Coffee Scrub, Paraffin  

All enhancements will be enjoyed with a cup of our Elixir Tea, made in house. Enjoy a cup on us!

luxury cbd massage oil

cbd cbd cbd cbd cbd cbdcbd cbd cbd cbd cbd cbd

cbd enhancement at glance

  • Organic herbal CBD infused detox tea 

  • Massage therapeutic oil infused with 2500 mg premium cbd

  • Reflexology includes CBD salt bath & CBD scrub


What they said ;)

LOVED my experience at Enhance Arts! I did a reflexology foot massage and teeth whitening (and they were able to do both at the some time which was nice!). It's super cute, good vibes, and both services were flawless. Excited to come back with some friends for a girl's day!
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Had an hour reflexology with Cherry. Was completely blown away by this service- honestly the best foot massage I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t realize how tense my feet were because I truly have never experienced them relaxed before 😂. I will definitely becoming regularly - as it also helped with tension in my whole body. 10/10.
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I went in for reflexology and I’m so happy with my service! The space was very welcoming and relaxing, Olympic village was needing something like this. They use the best oils, technicians, lotions. Don’t forget to say yes to their anti-aging tea!
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  • 5.2