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A match for every bath with the best curated bath products, elevate your bubble bath and de-stress from home!


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Voluspa Petite Jar Candle - Santal Vanille
Voluspa Petite Jar Candle - Freesia ClementineVoluspa Petite Jar Candle - Freesia Clementine
Voluspa Petite Jar - Pink Citron GrapefruitVoluspa Petite Jar - Pink Citron Grapefruit
Voluspa Panjore Lychee Diffuser
Voluspa Classic Candle - Nissho Soleil
Voluspa Classic Candle - Suede NoirVoluspa Classic Candle - Suede Noir
Higher Education Grinding Away Skin Polishing Scrub
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Delush CBD Magic Soak
Delush CBD Magic Soak Sale price$29.00
Sweet Heart Bath Bombs
Sweet Heart Bath Bombs Sale price$15.00
Bathorium Aphrodite Bath BombBathorium Aphrodite Bath Bomb
Bathorium Ancient Oat Hydration Crush Bath Soak
J’adore Matcha Bath BombJ’adore Matcha Bath Bomb
Becalm Elixir Bubble BathBecalm Elixir Bubble Bath
Becalm Elixir Bubble Bath Sale price$34.00